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  • INNORNC interacts and progresses to a better future based on mutual trust.
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SINCE 2000

INNORNC has acted as global leader in the manufacture of auto rubber parts.

It is recognized as a leading manufacturer of automobile rubber parts, producing eco-friendly and high quality products.
  • INNORNC has developed and manufactured outstanding automotive anti-vibration rubber parts that
  • lead the rich automobile culture around the globe. Moreover, green production processes have been introduced to satisfy the needs of customers and the environment.
  • To satisfy the needs of the customers and the environment
  • We provide a string of futuristic products through ceaseless efforts in research and development, secured technology, and internal and external design information.
  • The focus of our capacity is to produce perfect products with the best quality and design.
  • Based on optimized customer support systems and accumulated expertise in automobile and industrial rubber parts,
  • we do our best to maximize the customers’ profits and help them enjoy successful business.
  • As a 21st-century global leader in the manufacture of automobile parts,
  • we will prioritize constant technology development and superb quality assurance.
  • Thank you.
  • Company name : INNORNC Co., Ltd  ㅣ  CEO : In-ho Choi  ㅣ  Business license : 514-81-63478  ㅣ  E-mail :
  • Address : 87, Nongong-ro 87-gil, Nongong-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu  ㅣ  TEL : +82-53-615-7577  ㅣ  FAX : +82-53-615-7578