Management philosophy

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  • INNORNC interacts and progresses to a better future based on mutual trust.
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Management philosophy

A 21st-century leading company

Humane communicationand mutual growth


To contribute to improving the quality of life based on continuous shared growth as a leading eco-friendly and high-quality automobile rubber parts manufacturer


To become the best partner that supplies rubber parts to automakers

Management philosophy

Continuing into the 21st century, as the leading compnay through ceaseless development of technology and human resources in the industry of automotive anti vibration rubber parts with environmentally friendly spirit.
To improve the quality of life together based on trust and innovation

To provide services that satisfy the customers

  • INNORNC?equipped with competitive quality, cost, and technology provides sustainable
  • and stabilized services that satisfy customers, thereby building mutual trust with customers.

Quality advantage

  • 1. Total quality management
  • (TQM) ensures the maintenance of
  • high-quality products.
  • 2. Ceaseless efforts
  • to develop new car products

Cost advantage

  • 1. Compile a database containing
  • R & D and the results
  • 2. Continuously improve
  • processes
  • 3. Increase productivity while
  • reducing losses

Service advantage

  • 1. Prioritize customers by
  • expanding customer networks
  • to deliver products regardless of
  • quantities and geographical conditions.
  • 2. Provide sustainable and
  • stabilized services
  • that satisfy the customers’ needs.

A workplace that gives its employees hope

  • A safe and secure company with healthy and enjoyable working conditions

Build trust

  • Build a partnership to share the company’s vision
  • and have shared growth.
  • Form trust through mutual communication
  • and sympathy.

Seek innovation

  • Have a critical mind for improvement
  • and innovation in
  • the daily routine
  • Internalize the spirit
  • of without fear of failure.


  • Run the company like
  • one’s home
  • Fulfill the given vocation
  • and responsibility and take the initiative.

Management strategy and goals

  • To become a global leader in the manufacture of automobile rubber parts in the green automotive parts industry.

Secure competitiveness to lead the 21st century.

  • · Network with the first movers in the domestic material supply chain such as FABCO.
  • - Secure affordable and high-quality raw materials.
  • · Increase the capital for strategic decision-making in procurement ? maximize cost competitiveness.
  • · Search for prospective strategic partners.

Maintain our hold in the automotive rubber parts market.

  • · Maintain our share of the automotive rubber parts market by establishing an
  • aggressive strategy that will attract the outsourcing of PABCO, our top customer.
  • · Explore new accounts through inroads into new markets by developing new designs (assemblies).

Expand the network of the automotive rubber parts industry.

  • · Have sole distributor systems (after-sales services) through cooperation and competition in good faith with similar companies.
  • - Stabilize customer relationships.
  • - Diversify sources of demand for mass customization.
  • - Seek industry?academy cooperation for green and functional new products.
  • - Utilize collaboration complexes to use geographical benefits in the long term.

Diversify business

  • · Enter overseas markets of automotive anti-vibration rubber parts.
  • · Review marketing systems to find new customers through the development rubber-based industrial parts
  • such as thermal insulations and packaging materials.
  • · Develop modularized automotive parts from simple rubber ones.
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